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ELECTIC MINDS — Bachelor Thesis von Raphael Stodden

  Imagine you travel through the world by bike, train, plane whatever and you don’t challenge any  borders  of  communication.  You  prosper your way and just realize a change in places by the flattering color of the landscape. By this time, you may think: ‘well I don’t have to imagine this. My English is perfect.’ You might be perfectly right, regarding the statistics of multilingual countries and their language knowledge. As soon as you step out of bigger Cities around the world, you will endeavor a loss of control and you will have to go back to communicate like a child about the most trivial things. That is unless you are a polyglot. A person whose capabilities and motivation to learn languages, are basically only limited by their lifetime. Because one thing is sure – this journey will take forever. And no, you won’t be able to speak a language after reading this, although it  would  sound  good  on  your  linkedin/ Yelp/ e.g. – you name it. Let me introduce you to a world full of pure imagination.

Work supervised byProf. Lars Harmsen

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