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SNEAK PEEK — Evgenia Giouvanaki — Atlas of things

The „SNEAK PEEK“ shoebox with the measurements 53x38x26 cm stores a collection of 15 hyped sneakers designed as illustrations and printed on DIN A3 170g posters. When you turn around the posters, you can find short texts with facts about the sneaker that‘s illustrated in the front. There are informations like the name of the shoe, release date, the current resell price and the details that make the shoe so unique.
The 15 posters are rolled up and held together by white elastic bands. Because of the text on the backside you can now see which sneaker the poster shows without having to open it.
The box is made of white polypropylene and acrylic glass. The acrylic glass is used to give you a „sneak peek“ of what‘s inside when the box is closed.
From the outside the box gives you a clean white look with the black title on top of the cover, but when you open the posters you‘ll be surprised of the colors in the illustrations.
The title „SNEAK PEEK“ is a pun of the words „sneaker“ and to „peek“. In the lettering on the cover you can associate the „EE“ as two eyes looking to the left.
The Illustrations can be framed and used for decoration so you can store your real sneaker in the box!

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