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Point of view X politics is the second edition of the yearly magazine produced by DASA Dortmund for annual Scenography colloquium. The theme of the DASA Symposium 2020 was politics. Designers, curators, museum and project managers were invited to present their related work to the field’s professionals to exchange their experiences. The magazine consist of essays of current year’s speakers, theme related interviews, statements and some impressions from previous year’s event.

The magazine structurally designed to deliver different point of views for the theme. Divided in 6 sections: Standpoint, Projection & perspective, eye level, change of perspective, horizon and Looking back of last year.

Visual Language also hovered around politics. The flag like design of the pages were interrupted with some censorship and protest like hand lettering & illustrations. Time to time the reader was invited to actually changing their point of view by turning the magazine around.

Description text in this blog & photos: Wassily Erlenbusch & Ipek Ugurlu
Design & editoral team: Annika Becker, Merve Bölükbasi, Wassily Erlenbusch, Lisa Fortmann, Eugenie Geyman, Nora Hacklander, Clara Hoppe, Samina Mohn, Ipek Ugurlu
Supervised by Prof. Lars Harmsen, Sabine Marinescu and Janina Poesch


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