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The Bra—Deconstruction—by Luisa Joch

The goal of this seminar by Prof. Lars Harmsen was to explore what lies behind everyday objects (from texture, history to sophisticated global supply chains). These objects were then deconstructed and reassembled (new meaning/meta-level).


THE BRA by Luisa Women and even some men all over the world wear them almost every day – for aesthetic, medical or feel-good reasons. Others have sworn off the bra altogether. But what exactly is it made of? Which materials are essential? How is it produced? Which way does it go? What is the history of today’s bra? How do the models differ with regard to the material?

These are the questions addressed in the following work on the theme „Deconstruct – The Origin of Things“. Some of the resources used sound strange and dangerous at first, but they are not. With others, however, one should take a closer look. The aim is to use large and eye-catching labels to make it clear to consumers what they wear so close to them every day – and also where they should perhaps take a closer look the next time they buy something. In addition, the work is intended to promote a conscious approach to this item of clothing, which has become an indispensable part of the everyday lives of millions.


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