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All Countries Are Beautiful—BA von Marina Jablunowskij

All Countries Are Beautiful shows photographs of countries that have been issued a travel warning. Since these countries are difficult to travel, the Google Streetview service provides the opportunity to get an insight into the individual countries despite the restrictions. As a kind of archive, the photo book shows the life and spirit of the respective country in a documentary associative way, without having physically been there. It takes the Google screenshots out of their digital context and immortalizes them in an analog frame of reference. In this way, the project reveals further perspectives of the respective country than those we may have had in our minds beforehand. While the individual pictures seem to get lost in the overwhelming number of photos on the Google platform, the photo book files these pictures and restores their value in analog form. The series intends to portray the countries shown in an unbiased way and to appreciate their worth beyond the lines of the travel warnings.


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