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Break*in—BA by Lea Schütze

At which point does one feel able to speak about feminist issues? What do power relations look like in the field of design and is feminism imaginable without criticizing capitalism?
Such are the questions I am addressing in my bachelor‘s thesis.

As a part of this I conceptualized, designed and edited the first issue of the magazine »break*in« which explores intersectional feminism and the discourse around it from both a philosophical and design perspective. The magazine is divided in two parts: The first part is an interview with the philosopher Mara Recklies, which sets the starting point for the content of the first issue. From this conversation, theses were formulated that serve both as chapter headings and dividers, but also as points of reference for the content. The second part consists of interviews, essays, articles and photo series featuring philosophers, designers, photographers and people who helped give the discourse its recent topicality. However, the objective of the respective contributions is not to find the answer to these questions, but rather to start a joint dialogue. It is intended to be thought-provoking, but in no way a recommendation of behavior or instruction on how to deal with feminism. The questions posed in this project are intended to encourage readers to think and reflect on their own. According to this mission statement, the title »break*in« is to be understood, along with many possible interpretations, primarily as an intervention in the current discourse, but also in the magazine itself. The present work serves as a theoretical examination as well as a conception for the publication planned as a design project.

Prof. Sabine an Hiuef (1), Prof. Lars Harmsen (2)


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