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Diskriminierung durch Haartypen und Frisuren in Bezug auf Afro.—BA by Viginette Motio Kengne

This bachelor thesis on the topic of „Discrimination by hair types and hairstyles in relation to Afro“ is a non-fiction book for Afro-Germans and those and those who are concerned with discrimination in Germany and want to learn more about it.

The reason why I have chosen this topic is the death of the African-American George Floyd, who was murdered by several police officers on May 25, 2020. The death received a lot of attention and triggered a worldwide appeal. Since his death, racism and discrimination has often been discussed, also in Germany. It is striking that many Germans are not aware that Germany also has a big problem with racism. The core of the thesis is the analysis of discrimination as well as its emergence and development over time. It shows who developed „race“ related stereotypes and who were and are responsible for the development of racist theories. The project also deals with the German colonial history and the resulting genocides, as well as the immigration of Africans to the the German Empire into the 21st century. The final chapter addresses everyday racism in Germany, as well as discrimination related to hair and racial profiling.

Few magazines or social media deal deal with such important and present topics. And only a few
magazines incorporate the German-African relationship into their historical publications, even though it has been an important part of the Kaiserreich. My goal is to give a better insight into German-African history and to explain why racism and discrimination are not just a myth and phenomenon.

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