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Kingdom. Great Britain. March 2009—February 2019—by Viola Dessin

Seamus Murphy’s photo essay Kingdom is a journey through Britain with a look at the country and the people who live there. In his documentation, Seamus stays away from politicians and most of the street protests.

The photo series is complemented by two texts on the topic of Brexit. There is also a timeline of political events from 23 June 2016 to 24 July 2019 running through the book.
The book is both typographically and graphically inspired by old daily newspapers. The black and white spaces are meant to create a tension that gives the reader*s a sense of suspense and emptiness. It also visualises the clear decision that everyone had to make in the vote – yes or no.

Peter Bitzer, from Laif, provided the photos for this project as part of the photo book course.

Photos: Seamus Murphy
Credits for all photos in the book: Seamus Murphy/VII/Redux/laif
Text: The year of Brexit: How the UK went kaput; The National, Neal Ascherson
and The rage after the Brexit-Decision; fluter, Annette Kammerer
Design and Editing: Viola Dessin
July 2019
Format: 257 x 177 mm
Volume: 208 pages
Printing: Printers-Kiosk
Typefaces: SangBleu Kingdom, Sneak Mono
Language: english


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