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Container Hype / Niklas Mand

Living in a shipping container?
Niklas Mand you 24 projects with more than 1000 containers on 268 pages. Container architecture, the use of shipping containers to create container buildings, offers and affordable, flexible and sustainable solution for a mainstream of situations.

About the project
My project starts with the vision of living in a shipping container. I saw my first building out of container in London, Shoreditch in 2008. Since then I dreamed about a own container home. Accordingly, I started to visit different container buildings in Antwerpen, Lissabon, Barcelona, Berlin and Bochum. In summary it can be said, therefore, that the project „CONTAINER HYPE“ started in 2008 through today. I decided to compose a book with my favorite container buildings to show the good points of shipping container.

Facts about the book
In order to make my book into something special, I chose a slightly larger format than the normal A4 Format: 240 mm x 300 mm. This measurement should put me in trouble later, but that was my first matter. I‘ve reduced me to 268 pages, although I could have filled many more pages. I publish two different versions: The standard version with hardcover and hot foil stamping and the premium version with black linen cover, hot foil stamping and white screen printing. For the inside pages I have chosen a 160g/qm-Offsetpapier, as I have planned a black color section. No painted paper may be used for the color section because the color does not hold otherwise. One of the largest design element I use the ASCA-D font by subtype.

Container Hype 240 x 300 x 45 mm
 / Weight: 4,5 kg
 / Pages: 268
 / Color cut: Black
Cover: White with hot foil embossing

Bachelor Projekt von Niklas Mand, betreut von Prof. Lars Harmsen


Alexander Reinhard
Mats Mühle
Alex Böcker, Lea Müller & Rebecca Schell, Mia Pflieger, Dominik Kirsch




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